Hydra presents an innovative 21st century solution to a age old problem. More »

Treating it good enough to throw it away just isn’t good enough. More »

Hydra Renewable Resources’ new paradigm is,“ Integrated Waste Resource Recovery & Management”. More »

Hydra converts the waste water sludge and garbage to diesel and electricity. More »

Hydra makes the waste water that would have been thrown away valuable. More »

Hydra captures heat energy from the natural warmth of the treated water. More »

Hydra creates food security and renewed potable water from a recycled resource. More »



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We use the sludge from waste water treatment as well as  municipal garbage and old tires to fuel our waste to energy reactors, creating methane and ultra low sulphur diesel fuel. The methane powers our in-house generators creating ample energy to take our entire processing facility off the power grid. The diesel is a non-fossil based renewable fuel that serves our broadest based energy requirements. Read about and see our four part solution  here.
We treat wastewater to a level and standard that exceeds the most challenging reuse criteria set anywhere in the world, including those established in California, allowing for an array of recycle/reuse opportunities. Instead of throwing this precious resource away, it is sold and reused.  Read about and see our four part solution  here
Common wastewater comes into every treatment facility relatively warm. This thermal resource – the latent energy within the sewage stream – is normally ignored.  By using radiators and a closed loop distribution system, this heat energy is harnessed and used to supply cooling, heating and hot water for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Read about and see our four part solution  here
The water produced from our wastewater treatment utility is used to irrigate food crops.  Adding greenhouses at the end of the Hydra IWR2M™ system allows us to exploit the value of the recyclable water.  We  create and maintain urban based food production utilities in which we harvest  vegetables and condense transporated water vapour to create the purest potable water known in nature. Read about and see our four part solution  here.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Provide integrated and sustainable municipal waste management that significantly contributes to a better environment. We see a future where garbage is repurposed to energy, clean water is abundant through effective re-use and greenhouses in temperate and equatorial zones ensure food is plentiful for all. Fashion a new paradigm in waste management, creating renewable Energy, Water and Food at significant advantage to our public partners, their constituents and ourselves by employing private sector funding to implement our Integrated Waste Resource Recovery Management (IWR2M™) system.

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