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Ecuador to have first power plant using trash as fuel.

Within about 20 months, Ecuador will have its first cogeneration power plant that generates electricity using garbage, or biomass, as fuel.

The plant is being built in Quinindé, also known as Rosa Zárate, the second largest city in the Esmeraldas province on Ecuador’s north coast.

A biomass generation plant in France.

By burning 1,200 tons of waste a day, the plant will generate 30 megawatts of electricity.

It’s estimated that 72% of garbage in Ecuador goes to open pit landfills. The new project hopes to lower that percentage while also lowering the cost of electricity for residents.

The city council signed a construction contract with a Korean company. On Monday, June 15, a group of technicians from the Korean firm Star Group arrived in Quinindé to take a look at the 70 hectare-area where the plant will be constructed. Star Group has invested USD 150 million dollars. For its part, the city is expected to provide the necessary land and garbage.

Talks are taking place with the municipalities of Puerto Quito, Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, La Concordia, and El Carmen to have them deliver their waste to the new plant.

The electricity generated will benefit the people of the municipalities that contribute garbage.