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Hydra creates Integrated Waste Resource and Recovery Management (IWR2M™) facilities in cooperation with a local host community.  We organise around a DFBOOT model – Design, Finance, Build, Own, Operate and Transfer to our host community on 30 years.  We include maintenance, repair and, as necessary, development of the municipal sewerage network within our financing and operational models.

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We fund our projects entirely from private financial markets, without any requirement for municipal contribution or guarantee.

We operate on the basis of a 30 year exclusive agreement for complete waste management within our host community. Hydra seeks to build and operate each IWR2M™ system within a self contained “complex”.  Encompassing 180 Ha or 450 Ac each complex hosts; a waste processing centre handling garbage at a rate of 600 to 2,100 tonnes per day, depending upon available MSW supplies; a sewage treatment facility with capacity ranging from 15- 500 mega-litres/day  (5 – 125+ MGD) depending upon community size; and an Eco-Industrial Park, in a campus setting, ranging from 45k – 370k sq metres (0.5– 4 million sq ft) of floor space.

In addition, in warm climates, 100 Ha (247 Ac) of greenhouses are included, accompanied by a village of 1,250 high quality, modestly scaled (30 – 50 square metre)  housing units for employees and families.  The design of each village includes health care clinics, day care, recreational and skills training facilities and, where allowed, primary education facilities and services.

In green house zones  1,100 personnel are employed at entry level  agricultural support positions and an additional 150 in solid and liquid waste management.

We design and operate our facilities in formal relationship with the world’s best project management, engineering, architectural and facilities management firms including Mace Group, Hyder Consulting, Foreman Roberts Engineering, DLA Design and Utility Partners LLC.

The IWR2M™ system generates renewable diesel fuel and electricity from the garbage in addition to “char”, a fuel used by cement kilns.  There are no residuals.  From the “used water” or sewage we generate reusable water (NEWater) and energy in support of a closed loop district energy system (DES).   The DES energy is harvested from the latent thermal energy in the treated used water stream – 1-3 MW / million gallons per day (MGD) of wastewater flow.  With the NEWater we irrigate greenhouses, harvesting vegetable food stuffs in substantial quantities, 45,000 tonnes/year, and the purest of potable water – over 800 million litres/year.

We seek to sell “left over” NEWater for agricultural, industrial, commercial and residential grey water applications.  Our objective is “zero discharge”.

Typical cash return to our host community, through land lease and investment in sewerage infrastructure etc., will approach $US 150 – $US 1 billion over the agreement term depending upon scale.  We also eliminate our host community’s” Capex and Opex for complete waste management over the term.

On transfer, the facility has up to a decade of functional life remaining.  The transfer allows for continued operations management, on contract from Hydra should they desire, while enabling our host to accumulate more than sufficient revenue to fund complete replacement without further access to the public purse. [/col][/row]

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