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Where has the technology been used before?

salsnes1Salsness Filter
Salsness filters are used for screening the organic solids (sludge) from the influent wastewater stream – And over 490 communities around the world including the USA are using Salsnes filters, including, in America, Riggins ID, Nagshead NC, Westborough MA, Northern Moraine WI, Tremonton Utah, Heyburn Idaho, Florala Regional WWTP Alabama, and Riviera Utilities WWTP, Alabama, to name a few, since introduction in 1991. Watch a YouTube video of this filter in action here.

vomm1VOMM Turbo Dryer Ecologist
The VOMM turbo dryer is used for drying the sludge in preparation as feed stock for the Pyrolyzation unit – the VOMM dryers run on exhaust heat from the electrical generators – operational throughout Europe including Milan, Rome, Paris, Barcelona and Moscow, technology introduction in 1965.

cccgroup1CCC Group, Inc.
CCC Group provides the EPC fabricator of the entire Renewable Diesel line including the Pyrolyzation unit licensed from Bio-Green Energy, field technology introduction in 2002.epi1

Environmental Power International, Ltd. (EPi)
EPI is the developer / fabricator of the Pyrolyzation units generating methane for electrical generation – operational 300 TPD facility in Turkey outside Istanbul.

ipoweer1I-Power Energy Systems
Distributed power systems for electrical generation equipment employing truck engines via formal agreement with General Motors – installations worldwide including UK, Thailand, USA.

bluewater1Blue Water Technologies
and Siemens
Blue Water and Siemens are the suppliers of CBUM water treatment equipment.
There are communities around the world employing CBUM technologysiemens1, including Aztec NM, Bellefonte PA, Plummer ID and Marlbourogh MA where Blue Water have installations and Havre de Grace Wastewater Treatment Plant in Maryland where Siemens have a showcase facility. Siemens has over 500 sites worldwide.  Current CBUM is based upon technology introduced in Norway circa 1935.

trojan1Trojan UV
Trojan is the source for in-line ultra violate purification of CBUM treated water – installations worldwide since introduction in 1976.

huber1Huber Technology
Huber offers heat recovery systems from sewage water – DES – Whistler BC, Canada (Winter Olympics 2010 Athletes Village,  90,000 sq metres floor space) Bergen Norway,Tokyo Japan etc.; and

SolaQuaGen is the supplier of CoolHouse greenhouse units – Muscat Oman and Tenerife.

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