Hydra Renewable Resources – The Next Big Thing??

By Tim Garratt

Like most people in my Industry the ‘green’ agenda pops up quite frequently. I have taken an interest of late, partly as I have been working with the University of Nottingham on whether ‘green buildings‘ are attracting a premium. That work is coming to an end and I will post the results here shortly.

I am always interested in some of the new thinking in trying to reduce our carbon footprints.

cw2I met Hydra Renewable Resources a couple of weeks ago. They are a Canadian based company who are looking at wastewater management. Their starting point it to protect our scarcest resource – water. They also look to extract or harvest the wastewater stream itself. They have a three pronged approach…

Firstly, they treat wastewater to a level and standard that greatly exceeds the minimum recyclable standards, this treated water can be effectively recycled back into the system. This water can replace the drinkable water currently being used for agricultural irrigation, toilet flushing and many industrial applications, effectively reducing demand for potable water by around 40%

Then sludge, the bi-product of the sanitation process, is also used. They use sludge as feedstock to their reactors and create methane, which in turn powers in-house generators. This process can generate enough electricity effectively take the treatment facility off the power grid, completely eliminating the operating costs of electricity as well as the added cost of discarding sludge.

Finally wastewater comes into a treatment facility relatively warm. This thermal resource is normally ignored. But by using radiators and a closed loop distribution system the heat is harnessed and can be used to supply heating, cooling and hot water for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Each treatment facility can harvest this resource in quantities equivalent to approximately 20% of the heating, cooling and hot water requirements of the source city.

This sort of company are pushing the boundaries of the technology; I am looking forward to working with Hydra! This may well be the next big thing!

This article was posted on June 9th 2011 in Tim Garratt’s Blog here.

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