Our Background

Hydra believes that the current system of municipal waste management for both sewage and garbage is less than ideal. 


Over the past 150 years our collective approach to waste management has evolved into a deceptively simple paradigm – “Treat it good enough to throw it away.”   The only thing that has changed over the term has been governments’ definition of “good enough”.

The western world’s municipal waste management model is structured around a long acknowledged need to address public health concerns.

In effect, we have defined sewage strictly as an unsanitary waste stream.  Accordingly, we have sought to process and ultimately discharge effluent when and where it would no longer present an unacceptable threat to our personal or our environment health.

In similar fashion, we have defined garbage as an unsanitary waste stream.  We seek to sequester and confine solid waste, in the first world, at least, within specially constructed “sanitary” facilities.  Designed to protect us from toxicity, we store the waste over the tens of decades it will take for the most of it to decompose or degenerate well away from human contact.

At Hydra, we believe that the “throw away” paradigm no longer serves the world’s  needs.  Indeed,  it has no place in helping us achieve our environmental aspirations for the 21st century and beyond.

The  Hydra Alternative

At Hydra we operate within a different paradigm   ̶̶  one of; “Management through Resource Harvesting”.  Hydra;

  • Creates integrated resource management utilities that embrace the opportunity to harvest energy and water while generating food  production from municipal “waste” streams;
  • Embraces the complete “waste” stream with processes generating no emissions and zero waste discharge;
  • Employs a design, finance, build, own, operate and transfer (DFBOOT) model funded in the world’s capital/equity markets; and finally
  • Builds within a contractual private/public relationship model anchored securely in the private sector.

To view our Process Model click  here.

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