Hydra Renewable Resources’ new paradigm is,“ Integrated Waste Resource Recovery & Management”.

At Hydra we operate within a different paradigm   ̶̶  one of “Management through Resource Harvesting”.  

Every aspect of the waste management spectrum can yield products that are environmentally and financially valuable.  By actively transforming the existing paradigm, we take the problem of waste management and turn it into a responsible, environmentally sound and profitable 21st century solution.

We achieve triple bottom line performance – economic, social and environmental – by creating integrated recyclable water, renewable energy and urban food production facilities committed to assisting our host municipality to achieve water, energy and food security.   We do so around industry standard municipal sewage and garbage processing.

  • We create integrated resource management utilities that embrace the opportunity to harvest energy and water while generating food production;
  • We encompass the complete “waste” stream with processes generating no emissions and zero waste discharge;
  • We employ a design, finance, build, own, operate and transfer (DFBOOT) model funded in the world’s capital/equity markets; and finally
  • Our system is built within a contractual private/public relationship model anchored securely in the private sector.

Ours is an approach that is focused on the protection of scarce water resources and the regeneration of increasingly valuable energy assets.  Hydra’s innovation firmly sets waste management on the path of self-sufficiency and profitability.